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Niagara Residents Enjoy Historic Event at Cemetery

What is a cemetery walk?

The cemetery walk brings the voices of the past to life. People are invited to step back in time and meet some of Niagara's most memorable residents. Hear their personal stories as told by a modern-day citizen clad in period dress as you stroll from grave site to grave site. Many of the portrayals will be done by actual descendants of the individuals whose stories they tell. A cemetery is not only is it a place for reflection and meditation, but also a visible reminder of our history and heritage.

Join us!

Admission by donation, with proceeds going to support the Niagara Area Historical Society. No RSVP required. Look for an information table at the main entrance to the cemetery to get started between 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. on June 28, 2014.

Several hundred Niagara residents joined us at the Niagara Cemetery for the first Niagara Cemetery Walk, part of the Niagara Centennial Celebration. Presenters dressed in period clothing to portray their relatives and discussed their lives in Niagara. Special thanks to the presenters for their time and energy and the Niagara Red Hatters for assisting with check-in.

We hope to make this program an annual event during the Lion's Club Picnic. If you're interested in making your family part of next year's program, please contact us.

The 2014 Niagara Cemetery Walk will feature the following Niagara residents, portrayed by relatives and community members: Anna Boerner: Anna portrayed by her daughter, Dorothy (Boerner) Occhetti.

James Chartier: James portrayed by his son, Sam Chartier.

Olive Eckelaert: Olive portrayed by her daughter, Dorothy (Eckelaert) Person.

Louise Gunville: Louise portrayed by her granddaughter Jacki (Garvaglia) Courney.

Rose Gordon: Rose portrayed by her granddaughter, Debbie (Recla) Wodenka.

Anna & Frank Kadulski: Anna portrayed by her granddaughter, Darleen Kadulski. Frank portrayed by his great-grandson, Alex Kadulski.

Mary Ponzio: Mary portrayed by her great-granddaughter, Christina (Ponzio) Crook.

Dora Wilson: Dora portrayed by her granddaughter, Debbie Payette.

Frank Wallenfang: Frank portrayed by his grandson, Ron Wallenfang.

Margaret (Netzer) Burbey: Margaret portrayed by her granddaughter Gail (Reddy) Prudhomme.

Hank & Ellen Wright: Hank portrayed by his nephew, Bob Butler. Ellen portrayed by her niece, Beth (Butler) Molle.

Joseph Zawada: Joseph portrayed by his son-in-law Ken Maes.

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