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"Lest We Forget"

June 1, 2022, Photo Credits from the Iron Mountain Daily News, Terri Castelaz.

Niagara Area Historical Society volunteers recently revived a 20-year-old wooden art piece made by the late Bob Sparks. The wooden silhouette is of the iconic photograph of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima in World War II. The original wood was repainted in black by Judy Sanicki, with a new plaque of the words, “Lest We Forget” created by Bruce Redmond. From left are Bob Spark’s daughter, Judy Sparks; his son, Bob Sparks; and his widow, Juanita Sparks; along with society members and volunteers Bruce Redmond, Jerry Morin and Judy Sanicki. (Photo Credit: Terri Castelaz/Iron Mountain Daily News photo)

Niagara Area Historical Society volunteers Bruce Redmond, left, and Jerry Morin open the American flag that will be flown above the newly restore art piece made by the late Bob Sparks. From left, ooking on are Bob’s daughter, Trudy Sparks; son Bob Sparks; Judy Sanicki; and Bob’s widow, Juanita. (Terri Castelaz/Daily News photo)

The full article can be read by click here, another window will open to the Iron Mountain Daily News.


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